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Forget hedge funds, private equity is where it’s at!

Hedge Funds, Options, Futures, Exchange Traded Funds, Stocks, Bonds and Private Equity…. so many to choose from. Learn about the recent trends in how the biggest players are allocating their portfolios. In the[…]

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“SoFi: This is the beginning of the bankless world!”

“This is the beginning of the bankless world” As an investor, one of the crucial questions to ask before investing is: what is the addressable market size? Well, for SoFi, its addressable[…]

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Swiss Pension Fund favors Private Equity

Swiss pension fund worth €10.3bn has decided to switch to an asset class that will allow them to reach its high return targets. Pensionskasse Basel-Stadt (PKBS) didn’t have a great year 2015[…]

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