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Private equity investing has averaged a solid 16% annual return over the past 10 years...more than the returns of the TSX, S&P and T-Bills combined!*

InvestX is the first-of-its-kind private equity marketplace for retail investors in the U.S. and Canada.

Through the InvestX platform, our members can access, view, and invest in high-quality, thoroughly vetted private companies at minimum investments as low as $2500.

InvestX members always invest with the same terms as institutional investors, and are always assured that a professional PE firm has done the proper due diligence and is investing alongside.

As an InvestX Member, you will invest side-by-side with institutional investors and the ultra-wealthy with as little as $2500.

*Source: and Cambridge Research of 125 pe firms

Curated Private Equity Deals Access high-quality deals, handpicked by private equity firms
High Growth Private Companies Invest in private companies with a solid track record of growth
Low Investment Minimums Invest with minimums as low as $2500
Private Deal Room Access Explore and evaluate investment opportunities that interest you
Brand Names You Know Invest in brand-name private companies you know and trust
Preferred Private Equity Terms Invest with the same terms as private equity firms

How Investx Works

Here it is boiled down:

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    JOIN InvestX (once and done! forever!)

    To ensure that you are in fact a human, and not a robot, please take a second to confirm your email address.

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    DISCOVER our Investments and ENTER an Investment Room.

    Browse through our current offerings. InvestX provides exclusive access to brand-name, high-growth private companies. Each investment has gone through a thorough due-diligence process by both InvestX and our partnering private equity firm.

    Interested in a particular investment? Click on the investment to enter the deal room and view a snapshot.

  • 3.
    VERIFY your Identity (once and done! forever!)

    Complete our straightforward, streamlined ID verification process to view confidential, extensive deal information.

  • 4.
    EVALUATE a Deal.

    You are now granted access to all of our deal information, which may include a CEO video, information, the management team, detailed financials, and more. InvestX provides you with a straightforward due diligence checklist to guide you through your own evaluation process.

  • 5.
    BECOME an InvestX Member (once and done! forever!)

    Complete your membership process so we can comply with the SEC and Canadian securities commission regulations (i.e., scan your government ID and provide secondary form).

  • 6.
    INVEST in a Deal.

    When you’re ready to invest, complete the online subscription agreement and follow the fund transfer instructions. Congrats! You are own a share of a private company, just like the ultra-wealthy!

I am really happy someone has created something like this! ...It is thrilling to know that I will be able to become part of this project!

— Founding Member

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