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InvestX delivers access, liquidity, and innovation to the private equity asset class through investments in Pre-IPO Giants on InvestX GEM, a state-of-the-art trading platform. InvestX empowers broker dealers and advisors with a marketplace, technology and insights for investing and trading in institutional quality private equity without the traditional multimillion-dollar investment minimums.

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Get private market access to world-class pre-IPO companies, without the traditional multi-million-dollar investment minimums

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Buy and sell shares of pre-IPO billion-dollar private companies on InvestX GEM

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InvestX GEM Marketplace delivers real time price discovery and level two trading information

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Through InvestX GEM, broker dealers and advisors can offer access to institutional quality private equity shares to their clients.

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Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

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Scopely is a global interactive entertainment and mobile games company, home to many top-grossing, award-winning franchises.

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Kraken is a US based cryptocurrency marketplace for digital assets where buyers, sellers, traders and speculators come together to exchange cryptocurrencies.

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Udacity Inc. is one of the leading E-learning companies in a large and growing market

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Complexities of Investing in Pre-IPO Giants

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