Big Banks Are Mainstreaming PE

The private market is one of the fastest growing and most coveted asset class, big banks are rushing in to secure their piece of the pie.   Early this year, we watched as J.P. Morgan announced a strategic investment in the private markets, a trailblazing moment for a leading bank as they acknowledge the vital edge that pre-IPO trading platforms offer to their wealth managers.  Following suit, SVB, Citi, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley announced their partnership to launch a trading platform for private company stock, a move to satisfy the unmet market demand of their clients. These recent investments are a testament to the essential role of the private market trading platforms in even the largest wealth management institutions.

As the number of Late-Stage Private Equity continues to grow year over year, wealth management institutions and all the tier 2 regional broker dealers will need to adapt and collaborating with private market trading platforms will be crucial to their success in delivering access to this pistol hot asset class. Since 2014, InvestX has been on the forefront of late-stage private equity, navigating the complexities of transacting in the private markets for its clients. One of the ways InvestX differentiates itself is by exclusively offering access to the InvestX GEM trading platform to Institutional Broker Dealers only, so that they can offer pre-IPO trading to their wealth management and buy side clients with complete confidence that their client relationships are protected. InvestX is leveling the playing field for these regional broker dealers to be able to compete with the bulge brackets and banks who now all have access to their own platforms.

“We believe that partnering with broker dealers rather than competing with them supports superior compliance, credibility and value.”

– Marcus New, CEO of InvestX

InvestX breaks through the industry’s opacity and acts as an intermediary who can aggregate the multifaceted data of private companies, mirroring crucial functionalities of the public market such as price transparency, market insights and structured transactions. The company is committed to compliance and provides the most credible access with assurance of transaction.

Until recently, this asset class has been elusive to sell-side firms. InvestX is paving the road to mainstreaming private equity trading and making it more accessible to their sell-side clients. Broker dealers and wealth managers alike will need to make a necessary pivot and include this coveted asset class to remain competitive and meet their clients demands, especially as leading banks are pivoting their focus to this asset class.  InvestX empowers the sell-side with access, liquidity and innovation to the private equity asset class. It was founded on a commitment to provide trusted and compliance approved access to the growing private markets.