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IPO optimism
Source: Schwab Network
cautious optimism
‘Cautious Optimism’ Abounds as Tech IPOs Return to Life
Source: Law360
Instacart IPO ad seller
Instacart IPO Puts Spotlight on Its Evolution Into Ad Seller
Source: Bloomberg
in office strategies
InvestX Balancing Productivity, Employee Well-Being in Return-to-Office Strategy
Source: Benefits Canada
Instacart IPO surge
Instacart Delivers 12% Debut Gain After $660 Million IPO
Source: Bloomberg
Instacart test market
Instacart’s Long-Awaited IPO to Test Market, CEO’s Pivot
Source: Bloomberg
grocery delivery space
We’re Only in the 2nd or 3rd Inning for the Grocery Delivery Space, Says Evercore ISI’s Mark Mahaney
Source: CNBC
PE dealmaking freeze
What Comes After the PE Dealmaking Freeze?
Source: Wealth Professional
investing in growth
Investing in Growth with Marcus New, CEO of InvestX Capital (USA)
Source: Voice of FinTech
wfh vs office
More Companies are Calling People Back to the Office. Many Workers Want to Stay Home
Source: CBC
Instacart IPO
Instacart IPO 5 Things to Know About the App thats Looking to Ride a Massive Digital Transformation in Grocery Shopping
Source: MarketWatch
private equity exposure
Could Private Equity Exposure Anchor Clients in Choppy Markets?
Source: Wealth Professional