InvestX Launches GEM, a Trading Platform Delivering Access to Late-Stage Private Equity

Enabling broker-dealers with greater access, liquidity and transparency in the private markets

InvestX, a leading private equity marketplace that empowers broker-dealers to trade in Late-Stage Private Equity, announces the launch of its enhanced state of the art trading platform, InvestX GEM. The platform allows broker-dealers to easily transact in private equity through an intuitive, reliable, and transparent technology solution. The GEM acronym is representative of the high-growth industry, Growth Equity Marketplace.

With decades of experience and industry expertise in the private market sector, InvestX navigates the complexities of transacting in the private markets for its clients. InvestX GEM was designed to deliver broader access, liquidity, and innovation through real-time information, price-discovery and technology. GEM eliminates the typical long holds of private investing and allows for block and single share trading. The platform is a cloud-based solution that can be connected via a web-based login or a FIX protocol, which integrates directly with the back-end systems of broker-dealers, further facilitating the electronic trading of private securities.

“Last year we saw an enormous influx of Late-Stage Private Equity going public and doubling in their trading debuts from their set IPO price,” said Marcus New, CEO and Chief Entrepreneur of InvestX. “As this asset class continues to explode, we are excited to introduce a next generation electronic platform to more easily facilitate private market transactions. We continue to work to democratize investing in private equity, and our marketplace does just that by creating new opportunities for accessing and trading in the once elusive private markets.”

The launch of InvestX GEM comes on the heels of the company’s significant investment in the U.S. with a new headquarters established in New York City, as well as the appointment of Brian Schaeffer, as Managing Director, Head of Business Development. Prior to InvestX, Schaeffer was the Founder and President of Clearpool Group. “InvestX GEM is democratizing the private equity markets by creating a trusted marketplace for the sell side to invest in private securities,” said Schaeffer. “We have designed a platform and user interface that has the same tangibility that traders are familiar with.”

InvestX GEM connects broker dealers with access to shares of private billion-dollar technology companies and offers them a platform to trade these shares. The company differentiates itself by providing its broker-dealer clients with FIX connectivity for real time information and trading. InvestX’s decades of experience and industry expertise of the private markets have yielded its clients favorable returns, delivering on the firm’s initiative to provide transparency and value to its investors. This extensive expertise in this market has culminated in the development of InvestX GEM.

About InvestX:

Launched in 2014, InvestX provides the $30 trillion dollar wealth management industry with access to the private equity asset class. InvestX empowers broker-dealers and advisors with access, liquidity, and innovation to the private equity asset class through investments in Late-Stage Private Equity on a state-of-the-art trading platform. Sell-side firms can access unbiased information, and trade shares of institutional quality private equity, without the traditional multi-million-dollar investment minimums. InvestX is democratizing the growth equity asset class by offering real-time trading technology that provides better access, liquidity, and transparency to an antiquated process. For more information visit