How We Help Shareholders

InvestX offers shareholders and employees of private companies holding shares access to the equity they have earned.

  • Institutional Shareholders
  • Employees holding private company shares

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Key Benefits

Access liquidity and unlock equity

Competitive pricing

Low to no fees

Strong network of investors ready to indicate interest in your shares

Transaction Transparency


A Trusted Partner

Trading private shares is more complex than trading public shares. Through InvestX you can be assured that we: 

Have the experience necessary to facilitate a smooth and effortless transaction

Can effectively value your shares through extensive research and our proven tools

Can offer you access to high-quality investors that have indicated interest in your shares

Can ensure your privacy when trading shares from the company where you are employed

Have an in-house team of professionals with the legal experience necessary to comply with securities laws, effectively document the transaction, and ensure we conform to the issuer’s unique transfer protocols.

Deep experience in private & pubic markets /

Seamless and transparent transaction process /

Access to high quality investor network

InvestX GEM Marketplace

Solving the liquidity problem of private investments

gem marketplace

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