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InvestX GEM 

InvestX delivers access, liquidity, and innovation to the private equity asset class on a state-of-the-art trading platform, InvestX GEM. InvestX empowers broker dealers with a marketplace, technology, and insights for investing and trading in institutional quality private equities. Our goal is to bring transparency and trust to an opaque marketplace.

GEM Platform

Empowering Broker Dealers With the Tools They Need

Institutions are increasing their exposure to growth equity but the current marketplace limits liquidity, transparency and accessibility. More and more high net worth clients are seeking investments in this asset class. InvestX’s GEM trading platform provides access to trading private securities, and solves the liquidity problem of private investments. The marketplace is a cloud-based solution that can be connected via a web-based login or a FIX and ITCH protocol, which integrates directly with the back-end systems of broker dealers, further facilitating the electronic trading of private securities.


InvestX empowers broker dealers with a marketplace, technology and insights for investing and trading in institutional quality private equities


Creating market efficiencies by allowing for trading, eliminating the long hold periods


An innovative technology solution that allows for single share or block order trading of institutional quality private equity

Solves the Problem of Transacting in the Private Markets

Provides access and liquidity to private securities, eliminating the 5-10 year holding period

Access to real time information and price discovery

Allows for block and single share trading

Web enabled for ease of use at any place, any time

Highly Secure

Bringing transparency and trust to a opaque marketplace

Benefits to Your Firm

Drive revenue: 1% to 3% fee per trade

Increase client wallet share - Attract and retain advisors, high net-worth accounts, and institutional clients

Competitive advantage by offering liquidity in private investments

Buying & selling private securities for your clients

Access to due diligence information on private securities

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