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A Disruptive 80-Year-Old Law Change

At InvestX Capital Ltd. and InvestX Financial (Canada) Ltd. (collectively "InvestX"), we believe that the largest changes in our lifetime are currently emerging in the financial markets.

These changes began in the fall of 2013. On September 23rd, an 80-year-old US securities law was finally lifted, with the creation of Title II of the JOBS Act. For the first time, Title II allows private companies to raise capital (known as “private equity”) over the internet.

But these regulatory changes aren’t just happening in the U.S. They are also happening in Canada and more than 20 other countries globally, creating a massive disruption in the way capital is invested by retail investors.

At InvestX, we see these changes as an opportunity for all investors to finally gain access to private equity - an investment that has historically outperformed any other asset class.  


Private Equity for Every Investor

InvestX uses the first-of-its-kind private equity platform for retail investors.
InvestX is a registered dealer in Canada, specifically registered to distribute exempt market products. InvestX licenses InvestX technology for use as an online distribution platform for exempt market products.

InvestX - access to private equity for retail investors

InvestX Master GP1 Inc. (InvestX GP), a subsidiary of InvestX Capital Ltd., develops securities products, specifically, single purpose vehicle - limited partnerships (SPVLPs). The purpose of each SPVLP is to aggregate retail accredited investors' investment monies to make a single investment in a private company (which may be U.S. or Canadian). Each time InvestX GP1 creates an SPVLP, InvestX acts as the agent to distribute the product.

Our collective goal is to democratize private equity investing - to provide every investor with access to highly vetted, top quality private companies at significantly lower minimums.

Why Private Equity?

Historically, private equity investing has been the exclusive domain of less than 1% of the investing universe – specifically the institutional investor and the ultra-wealthy. Professional investors have relied on private equity investing to make their big, double-digit returns. It is how the ultra-wealthy are becoming even wealthier. Every year, private equity has been outperforming every other asset class, including the market. And every year, professional investors are putting more money in private equity sources.


According to Cambridge Research, Private Equity has had annual returns of 16% over the past 10 years, which is greater than the S&P, TSX, and T-Bills combined.


Why have more than 99% of investors been locked out of private equity investing?

1.   Multi-Million-dollar Minimums. The average investor cannot meet the minimum investment sizes demanded by private equity firms, ranging from $250,000 to as much as $25 million!

2.   Limited to no access. The average investor does not have the necessary financial connections or relationships to access high-quality deals or the knowledge to properly evaluate a private equity investment.

How InvestX is Different

Invest at Low Minimums

InvestX Members can invest in private equity deals on our platform at minimum investment sizes as low as $2500. To meet the steep minimums required by private equity firms, Members’ smaller checks are aggregated and one larger, potentially multi-million dollar check is written to the PE firm.

Invest in Highly Vetted Private Companies

InvestX GP partners with private equity firms that have a strong track record of success. Additionally, members are assured that the private equity firms’ interests are aligned with theirs because the PE firm will always co-invest alongside the members in the investment.

Invest with Transparency and Confidence

Qualified members are given unlimited access to private equity “deal rooms,” which provide confidential information on each deal, such as financials, a video roadshow, background on the management team, and other key documentation.

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