This is how the wealthy are becoming even more wealthy.

Private equity is a very special asset class tightly controlled by private equity firms who have access to established quality growth companies needing growth capital to become even bigger.

Unfortunately, you can’t access these top 1% of deals because you can’t write the $2 million checks required to take part.

That is... Until Now

As an InvestX Member you get to invest side by side those same wealthy investors with as little as $5000.

Members Get Access To

High Growth Companies

Invest in companies with a solid track record of growth

Preferred PE Firm Terms

Invest at the same terms private equity firms are investing

Due Diligence Reports

Access to due diligence files used by PE firms

Brands You Know

Access to brand name companies you know

View Unlimited Deals

Look at the deals you like, invest in the deals you love

Curated Deals

Enjoy high quality deals, handpicked by private equity firms

Community Forums

Join deal conversations with other members

Low Minimums

Get in on investments for as little as $5k


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We believe every investor should have an equal opportunity to invest in the same deals professional Private Equity firms and the ultra wealthy do.

You even get access to due diligence information the private equity firm uses as a part of their investment decision. And when you do decide to invest, you get the same terms the private equity firm and the ultra wealthy investors get, this includes any available calls, warrants, options or liquidity event they have negotiated.

InvestX was incubated by Stockhouse and is backed by a $5 million seed round from Stockhouse, Mutual Alliance Group a $1 billion private equity firm, US Global Funds a multi-billion dollar mutual fund, Pathfinder Asset Management, and a collective of high profile tech and financial services CEOs.

InvestX -- Professional private equity for all investors not just the top 1%.

*Source: and Cambridge Research of 125 PE firms