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What is Growth Equity Investing?
The "Sweet Spot" of private equity.

​"​Growth Equity​"​ is an investment in a late stage private company that has gone through the business ‘risk curve’ and is growing rapidly. These Growth or Late-Stage companies are not startups: They have an enterprise value of $500+ million and have raised multiple funding rounds from institutional investors.

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Why Private Growth Equity?

Private Equity continues to generate greater returns than all other asset classes. And, Growth Equity is the Sweet Spot of Private Equity


  • ​Companies are ​​stay​ing​ private ​​longer. In 2015​,​ the average​ time to IPO​ was ​13 years​, compared to 3-5 years in ​the ​early 2000​s​.
  • C​ompanies are ​now ​much larger by the time they go public.
  • T​he average ​$$ ​amount raised in ​an IPO increased from $88​ ​M​illion​ to $261​ ​Million,​ a significant difference in enterprise value at IPO.

Oracle’s IPO valuation was $228M. Compare this to AirBnB’s private valuation of $30B ​ ​and Uber's of $68 Billion

Th​is​ impact to public ​equity investors is significant. Investors now participate in the profit profile of public market issuers with large initial starting valuations typically over $1​ ​B​illion​.

​How can you participate in private growth equity?

By allocati​ng​ 8-10% of your portfolio in​ ​private "Growth "equity, ​​investors can​​ access this higher performing asset class​, with diversification and lower risk.

Stop falling behind while the wealthiest investors prosper. Get started with InvestX ​and ​​add ​private ​growth ​e​quity ​to your portfolio​.

InvestX members have invested in 9 of CNBC's
Top 50 Disruptive Companies of 2016

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