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At InvestX, we believe that the largest changes in our lifetime are currently emerging in the financial markets.

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  • Plastiq

    Since launching in 2013, Plastiq has processed hundreds of millions of dollars of payments, for hundreds of thousands of customers.
  • FreshGrade

    FreshGrade eliminates the 80-year-old outdated report card, transforming an $8B market.
According to Cambridge Research, Private Equity has had annual returns of 16% over the past 10 years, which is greater than the S&P, TSX, and T-Bills combined.
A Disruptive 80-Year-Old Law Change

These changes began in the fall of 2013. On September 23rd, an 80-year-old US securities law was finally lifted, with the creation of Title II of the JOBS Act. For the first time, Title II allows private companies (known as “private equity”) to raise capital over the internet.

But these regulatory changes aren’t just happening in the U.S. They are also happening in Canada and more than 20 additional countries globally, creating a massive disruption in the way capital is invested by retail investors.

InvestX is the developer of the first-of-its-kind platform for registered dealers to provide access to private equity for retail accredited investors.

The goal is to democratize private equity investing - to give every investor educational resources and facilitate access to highly vetted, top quality private companies at significantly lower minimums.

Retail investors can visit the InvestX website to gain knowledge on private equity and then access private equity investment opportunities through the registered dealer website, Waverley.

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