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InvestX is a marketplace for private securities that offers accredited investors access to pre-IPO companies. We are professional asset managers with deep experience in researching, selecting and investing in the world’s leading venture backed private companies. We are experiencing a shift in the public and private markets. Private markets are outpacing public markets in opportunity and performance.

Historically, these opportunities were only available to large institutions at high minimums with long lock-up periods. InvestX is changing that paradigm. As an asset management company with a proprietary trading platform, we can offer accredited investors access to well-vetted late-stage private companies and/or bespoke private equity funds with investment minimums as low as $50,000.

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InvestX Trading Platform

Solving the liquidity problem of private investments

  • Solve the long hold period of private investing
  • Creating more opportunities for liquidity
  • Opportunity for trading of non-InvestX product(s)

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