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Invest in Palantir, the world's leading software for data-driven decisions and operations.

3 years

Min. Investment

U.S. $50,000

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July 7, 2020



InvestX Capital - Summary

Palantir Technologies Inc. ("Palantir") is an enterprise software company with highly customizable software focused on the aggregation and management of data. The company uses artificial intelligence to predict outcomes based on the analyzed data. This software was used by the CIA to track and eventually, eliminate Osama Bin Laden. Palantir has two main software products: Gotham & Foundry.

Palantir was founded in 2003 and boasts over 2,200 employees, spread across 21 offices worldwide with a client base representing enterprises and governments from 40 countries. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

The company leveraged its Gotham software to make inroads with the US government, specifically, the US Department of Defense and has expanded to work with intelligence and other governmental bodies in Europe and Asia.

Palantir has expanded to corporate clients with its Foundry software. Foundry represents the company's strategy to scale its technology across a wide range of industries with minimal customization much more similar to a SaaS model. Foundry seamlessly connects back-end databases from different departments so that employees that work in different departments can identify patterns and detect flaws in their work streams as one example. Foundry represents a key initiative in Palantir's attempt to scale its technology to the mass market.

The company has raised around $2.73B in equity, reached a valuation of $20.5B in 2015 with its Series K preferred investment round, and is on track to generate $1.0B in revenue in 2020 -- expected to grow by 38% from 2019.