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Kraken is a US based cryptocurrency marketplace for digital assets where buyers, sellers, traders and speculators come together to exchange cryptocurrencies.

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Common questions & answers about this offering

How do investors exit their investment?
  • There are different exit routes for private equity, with the most common as follows:

    • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
    • Merger or acquisition
    • Purchase by existing shareholders

    In the event of an IPO, when the shares in the company go public, the investor will receive a share certificate for the proportionate shares that the investor purchased. A transfer agent will then directly deposit the shares into the investor’s brokerage account.

    In the event of an merger, acquisition, or purchase, depending on the specific terms of the deal, the investor would get paid in cash or a combination of cash and shares.

What is the length of the investment?

  • A private equity investment is a longer-term investment, with investors getting paid out (in cash and/or shares) when the company exits (see above for various exit scenarios). Typically, PE investments range from 3 to 7 years, but can exit earlier or later.

    Investors are also bound by the terms of the InvestX Limited Partnership (LP) agreement. This agreement has a term of 5 years, with a 2 year option to extend the agreement. If the investment does not exit before the LP agreement expires, InvestX will explore exit strategies that are beneficial for investors.These may include selling the assets to a strategic investor or PE firm.





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