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Kraken is a US based cryptocurrency marketplace for digital assets where buyers, sellers, traders and speculators come together to exchange cryptocurrencies.
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Management Team

Jesse Powell Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer



Kraken - Market Opportunity

  • 10x growth in trading volume:
    • Kraken has seen aggressive growth in trading volume and averaging $2B+ per day in 2021 Q1, which increased from around $250M in 2020
    • Kraken is one of the category leaders (alongside Coinbase) in growing crypto market as supported by growing institutional involvement in crypto
    • Platform has a strong user base of 6M and growing
  • Short Liquidity Window:
    • Kraken has a 2022 IPO planned according to CEO's interview with Bloomberg News in March 2021
  • Profitable and Rapidly Growing Business:
    • Highly capital efficient (raising only $26M USD from Series A and B)
    • Relatively lower dilution in the future for secondaries equity investors
  • Emerging and maturing Industry over the next 5 years:
    • The crypto marketplaces industry will be a multi-player industry, meaning there is room for multiple exchanges to be dominant
    • Comparable companies are going public in 2021 Q2 (e.g., Coinbase, eToro), reflecting the market's appetite for crypto-based companies