Opportunity to own Indigo Ag, the world's first digital marketplace that connects farmers directly to buyers. Indigo Marketplace is the "eBay of agriculture." Sales growth of 646% to about $500 million in 2018.


CAGR 430%


Open to US and Canadian accredited investors


Up to US $15M in InvestX LP units of Series G-4A (US $1.00/unit)


$20,000 USD

Indigo - OFFERING | Company Snapshot

Opportunity to own Indigo Ag, Inc. (“Indigo”), Indigo is the world’s first marketplace that connects farmers (“growers”) directly to buyers of agricultural products including corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton, and rice.

Indigo’s marketplace has been described as the "eBay" of agriculture. The way agricultural products are distributed to buyers has been the same since the 1900s. Growers bring their harvest to silos, different harvests are aggregated, and growers are paid a price per bushel without accounting for any type of differentiation in the way the product is sourced or grown.

Indigo’s marketplace is a major change in the agricultural industry by compensating farmers for product differentiation and removing the “middleman” from taking the profits from farmers. Since launching in April 2018, Indigo’s marketplace has over $10 billion in grower inventory and around $11 billion worth of bids from buyers as of January 2019. 

Click on the video below for a brief introduction to Indigo Ag.