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Dropbox is the simple, powerful file storage service that provides a solution for users and businesses to collaborate, access and share files from any device at any time.


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Dropbox, Inc. - Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy


Dropbox is one of the Fastest Growing Cloud Services in the World

  • User base grew from 100M in 2012 to over 500M current users1

  • About 10M users are added monthly2

  • Supported in 20 languages with users in over 200 countries and territories3

  • Headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Austin, Dublin, Herzliya, London, New York, Paris, Seattle, Sydney, Hamburg, and Tokyo4

Dropbox Continues to Grow Virally through its User Base, Reducing Customer Aquisition Costs

  • 44% of new users were introduced to Dropbox by another user 5
  • 3.3B sharing connections have been created with Dropbox (# of shared links and folders): up 50% from 2015 6
  • 1.2B files saved by Dropbox users every 24 hours

Dropbox Focusing on Increasing the Number of Paid Business Users

  • Business customers have grown from 50K in 2014 to over 200k in 2016 7
  • Used by over 8M businesses (includes free and paid)
  • 25k new businesses sign up in a typical quarter and that rate is accelerating 9
  • Used by 97% of Fortune 500 companies (including Yahoo, HP, and Newscorp) 10, 11
  • Enterprise version of Dropbox launched in 2016 to further increase the number of paid users 12


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