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Opportunity to own Dataminr, Inc, a category leader in the $7 billion data discovery market (2018). It is the world’s go-to platform for breaking news information to companies like: CNN, Fox News, Goldman Sachs and the CIA.

+$200 M


Open to US and Canadian accredited investors


Up to US $ 8 M in InvestX LP units of Series 19-02 (US $1.00/unit)


$20,000 USD

Dataminr - Leadership | Management & Board


Ted Bailey – CEO, Chairman, Co-Founder
One of three co-founders of Dataminr and serves as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer since the company’s inception in 2009. Mr. Bailey was a graduate from Yale University in 2004. Mr. Bailey co-founded the company while attending Yale University and later incorporated the company Dataminr, Inc. 

John Cooley - CFO
Chief Financial Officer at Dataminr since December 2017. He has 14 years of financial and business development experience from the world’s largest international multimedia news provider, Thomson Reuters, valued at $29 B. In addition Mr. Cooley spent a cumulative 18 years in senior roles at the #5 & #6 largest banks in the world  - 4 years as Managing Director of HSBC Securities and 14 years as Vice President at JPMorgan. 
Jeffrey Kinsey – CTO, Co-Founder
One of the three co-founders of Dataminr and serves as the companies Chief Technology Officer. A Yale University graduate at around the same time as Ted Bailey – both Kinsey and Bailey co-founded Dataminr while attending university. Mr. Kinsey has a computer science background with 6 years of software development experience. 
Jason Edelboim – CCO
In January 2019 joined the Dataminr team as Chef Commercial Officer. Formerly President of Cision (valued at $2 B) a leading provider of software and services to PR and marketing professionals.  He has as well held several previous roles at CNN and Bloomberg – Dataminr customers.
Steven Schwartz – President, Operations and Strategy
Steven Schwartz joined Dataminr in 2015 when the company was generating less than $50 M in revenue – Dataminr is now estimated to be generating +$200 M in revenue as of 201812 13. Before Dataminr, Mr. Schwartz was the Chief Digital Officer in chanrge of managing the Rolloing Stone, Us Weekly, and Men’s Journal brands and achieving aggressive revenue growth. Mr. Schwartz lead Thomson Reuters news business as Executive Vice President responsible for $350 M in revenue and a team of around 500 people globally.