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Opportunity to own Dataminr, Inc, a category leader in the $7 billion data discovery market (2018). It is the world’s go-to platform for breaking news information to companies like: CNN, Fox News, Goldman Sachs and the CIA.

+$200 M


Open to US and Canadian accredited investors


Up to US $ 8 M in InvestX LP units of Series 19-02 (US $1.00/unit)


$20,000 USD

Dataminr - Growth Strategy

Dataminr’s business began on the premise: everyone is a reporter


Individuals with access to social media sites on their phones are the first to report breaking news and Dataminr uses its technology to detect, organize, determine, and disseminate breaking information in real-time[i]. The data discovery market is on track to reach $14.8 B in revenue by 2024 – an annualized growth rate of 20% from 2017. Dataminr has a significant competitive advantage in data discovery through its exclusive agreement with Twitter to access over 500 M tweets a day. 

  • Dataminr & Twitter have an exclusive long-term partnership where Twitter owns a 5% stake in Dataminr

  • Twitter remains the #1 source for breaking news – beating out Facebook who recently shut down their "trending" section due to lack of usage

  • 25% of Twitters verified users are journalists – showing the growing importance of Twitter as the go-to source for breaking news

Dataminr has gone from serving hedge funds and traders to serving a wide range of industries including the US Department of Defense