Opportunity to own Casper Sleep, Inc. the Company that has disrupted the $18 billion mattress industry to become the largest direct-to -consumer mattress company in the US controlling almost 25% of the market and growing fast.


CAGR 123%


Open to US and Canadian accredited investors

The Offering

LP units of InvestX Series 19-01 (US $1.00/unit)


$20,000 USD

Casper - OFFERING | Company Snapshot

In 2013, Casper Sleep, Inc. (“Casper”) recognized that the traditional “brick and mortar” retail way of buying mattresses was uncomfortable, time-consuming and very expensive.  Casper saw an opportunity to provide a lifestyle mattress and reduce the high costs associated with the “middleman” in the mattress industry that cause mattress price markups of 900%.

By building proprietary technology and securing strategic partnerships, Casper has disrupted the $18 billion mattress industry and has quickly become the largest direct-to-consumer ("DTC") mattress company in the United States.  In a very short period of time the company now controls almost 25% of the US DTC market and is one of the top 6 mattress retailers in the US.  Over the last 5 years Casper has grown at an annualized rate of over 123% from tens of millions of revenue generated in 2014 to an estimated $420 million in 2018.

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Source reference: InvestX Casper Green Sheet available upon request.