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A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌,‌ ‌I‌n‌c‌.‌ is a privately held global company headquartered in San Francisco that operates an online marketplace and hospitality service which is accessible via its websites and mobile apps. As a broker, it receives commissions from every booking

Min. Investment



$4.8B in 2019

Leading Investors

Tiger Global, Blackstone, TPG, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia

Closing Date

August 11, 2020

Airbnb - Growth Strategy

Competitive Differentiation

Airbnb is the category leader in the tech-enabled travel and leisure industry

  • Versus traditional incumbents in travel advertising, agency and merchant (e.g. TripAdvisor,, Expedia), Airbnb is separated by strong brand awareness and loyalty
  • Versus other tech-enabled competitors like HomeAway, Airbnb charges a transactional fee and (e.g. pay per booking), which offers hosts overall lower fess.
  • Other advantages:
  1. First to market and brand: high mindshare among users
  2. Ease of use: search by price, location and check-in and check-out dates
  3. Profile and community: browse host profiles and book in 3 clicks