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Opportunity to own Dataminr, Inc, a category leader in the $7 billion data discovery market (2018). It is the world’s go-to platform for breaking news information to companies like: CNN, Fox News, Goldman Sachs and the CIA.

+$200 M


Open to US and Canadian accredited investors


Up to US $ 8 M in InvestX LP units of Series 19-02 (US $1.00/unit)


$20,000 USD

Dataminr - OFFERING | Company Snapshot

Opportunity to Own Dataminr, Inc. (“Dataminr”), a Real-time Information Discovery Company 

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York, NY, Dataminr is one of the few public data driven artificial intelligence (“AI”) platforms designed to discover breaking information and deliver real-time alerts on its platform using machine learning. Dataminr is the go-to platform for breaking information that was first used by hedge funds and traders to identify market moving events before others and profit from their subsequent effects on the financial markets.The company has since expanded its service to corporations, the public sector, news organizations, and communications companies.
 As early as 2003, breaking news was primarily distributed through 4 mediums: television, newspaper, radio, and emergency announcement. Since the launch of social media and the rise of companies like Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006), Instagram (2010), and Snapchat (2012), the importance of social media as a platform for breaking news has become more apparent than ever before. 
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